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Episode the Hiatus!

Posted on August 1st, 2016

Your buds Dave and Kat are taking a bit of a summer break! So consider Episode the Josh your season finale.

We’ve been going strong for the better part of two years, and we need to take a brief sabbatical to recharge the ol’ batteries, focus on life stuff, hang out without podcasts, and think about what we want for this crazy, beautiful thing we’ve got going.

Worth mentioning: We’re going to do dope shit like perform on shows, go to Garbage concerts together, start new jobs, tour the Southeast, and be awesome in a totally normal way during this slight hiatus. It’s going to kick ass, and we want you to tell us what you’re kicking ass at. Because we love you, and you’re awesome.

So, while we take off August… SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS. We’ll be back in September to answer them, and continue with even more well-meaning, very blunt, day-drinking advice.

We love you all!

Your pals,

–Dave & Kat

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