Advice! with Dave & Kat


Advice with Dave & Kat: Episode the Bumps!

Dave & Kat are bringing you the dessert to your vegetables, it’s Episode the Bumps! Strap in for all of our favorite end-of-episode, post-music snippets, which we affectionally know as “the Bump”. Looking for some of that sweet swag? Email [email protected] and answer the following question: What part of history is Dave living in? Send […]

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 117th!

It’s Episode the 117th and also Episode the Dharma! Dave & Kat & Dharma are back with fresh questions and Advice! for all of your advicing needs. Our terrific twosome tackle grocery store gladiators, leveling up with the less than tolerant, and bothersome bonding during quality quiet time. Check out Dharma’s answers with Dear Dharma!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 116th!

Strap in for more Advice! as Dave & Kat tackle the tough issues. Namely: prodigies, housewarming parties, and accepting your child’s interests. It’s never too late! Those should be at home! Depends! Cheers!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 115th!

Dave & Kat are back from Vacation & slinging fresh Advice! Hop back into the groove with advice on house sitting, step-parenting, & hurtful kids! Make amends! Be positive! Be the adult! CHEERS!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the Vacation!

Your pals Dave & Kat are on vacation! While Dave’s tromping around Europe and Kat’s on a midnight bus to New York, enjoy a favorite episode from the archive! These two jokers will be back next week with all new advice for you. Cheers! Episode 54th is here. These two jokers are fighting a case […]

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 108th!

It’s Advice! the 108th and we’re here for you, fam! We’ve got advice on girlfriends possibly being on the prowl, getting around protocol, & moral quandaries around pets & stranger’s children. Let’s learn lessons on trust, school rules, subjective morality and more! Cheers!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 105th!

It’s Episode the 105th and Dave & Kat have switched seats. The butts are on the other chair! They dive in on not feeling so flattered by flattery, training up a thicker skin, and degrees of punishment for not so bad things. Got questions? Need advice? Email, message, or otherwise contact Dave & Kat today!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 104th!

Dave & Kat are in rare, eye-dancing form with Episode the 104th! Your affable hosts dole out wisdom on growth spurts, celebrating in times of sadness, and escaping the Navy! Spurts gonna spurt (hopefully not too fast), celebrations gonna celebrate, navies gonna Navy! Cheers!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 102nd!

It’s Episode the 102nd coming at you with questions fresh off the presses from Dear Dharma! You heard right, for the first time ever we’ve partnered with an advice blogger to answer questions in tandem, and you can read her responses to the same questions over at! So strap in as Dave & Kat (and […]

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 101st!

My buddy. My buuuddy! Dave & Kat with Advice! Hey! It’s Episode the 101st and Dave & Kat are up for the game, advising about teachers in public, bisexual daughters, and sending back food! Get loose! And if you need questions to your answers, email them to [email protected] or jump on and hit the […]