Advice! with Dave & Kat


Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 116th!

Strap in for more Advice! as Dave & Kat tackle the tough issues. Namely: prodigies, housewarming parties, and accepting your child’s interests. It’s never too late! Those should be at home! Depends! Cheers!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 115th!

Dave & Kat are back from Vacation & slinging fresh Advice! Hop back into the groove with advice on house sitting, step-parenting, & hurtful kids! Make amends! Be positive! Be the adult! CHEERS!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 114th!

It’s Episode the 114th and it was a week! Dave & Kat field questions on the legality of leaving kids at home, opting out of potlucks, & biological explanations for emptiness. Let’s get into some latchkey potluck emptiness! Cheers!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 113th!

Advice! is coming at you with Dave & Kat kicking it old school, full-sentence style! Full-eyes, full-hearts, full-sentences, can’t lose! Advice on “Yunique” names, police reported friendships, and wanting multi-racial kids. Be thoughtful! Trust matters! Do things for the right reasons! CHEERS!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 108th!

It’s Advice! the 108th and we’re here for you, fam! We’ve got advice on girlfriends possibly being on the prowl, getting around protocol, & moral quandaries around pets & stranger’s children. Let’s learn lessons on trust, school rules, subjective morality and more! Cheers!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 101st!

My buddy. My buuuddy! Dave & Kat with Advice! Hey! It’s Episode the 101st and Dave & Kat are up for the game, advising about teachers in public, bisexual daughters, and sending back food! Get loose! And if you need questions to your answers, email them to [email protected] or jump on and hit the […]

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 100th!

Advice! turns 100, and we’ve got cake to celebrate! Dave & Kat press onwards with loyalty tests, revoked admissions, and existential litigation! Cheers! And here’s to 100 more! Questions? Send them to [email protected] or fill out the form on!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 91st!

It’s Episode the 91st and we’ve got questions about that question! We see your shade: Reign it in! Your buds Dave & Kat tackle cutting off narcissists, kids killing things, and proper handling of wounds! Honestly, it’s more fun than it sounds! Do you! Hey hey, therapy! Doctors are cool! Also, hey! We’re live on […]

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 88th!

It’s Episode the 88th and yer pals Dave & Kat are a little groggy! Nevertheless, they power through topics covering home defense, introverted roommates, and of course, things kids get forced to eat. Let’s not kill anyone! Be inclusive! They can’t die! Cheers!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 87th!

Budda-da-dooin’ it up in here! Dave & Kat bring strike with less force for you and/or technology! We can never go home again! We’re verifying our voices while we bring you advice anarchist daughters, baby leashes, and leaving jobs. Display. Do not. Do. Listen up! Cheers!