Advice! with Dave & Kat


Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 114th!

It’s Episode the 114th and it was a week! Dave & Kat field questions on the legality of leaving kids at home, opting out of potlucks, & biological explanations for emptiness. Let’s get into some latchkey potluck emptiness! Cheers!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 80th!

It’s episode the 80th, and Dave & Kat are eating some cheese! This week, the drinky duo wax philosophic about being grown ups, the importance of putting on your oxygen mask first, and a slew of life-changing questions. Take care of yourself! Life changes! Get on the goddamn bus! CHEERS!  

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 66th!

It’s time to straighten up and fly right: episode the 66th is here! This week your pals Dave and Kat give advice on finding the best in difficult situations, navigating alternative realities, and high stakes diplomatic negotiations. First do no harm. Embrace the simple comforts. Say, no thank you. Cheers!