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Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 97th!

Cheersiest cheers! It’s Episode the 97th, and we’re off to the races with life advice, toasts, & beers! Dave & Kat dive in with questions about sneaky boozy sons, wondering about one’s manipulative nature, and things you should definitely not do when trying to lose weight.  

Advice with Friends: Episode the Johnny!

Dave & Kat welcome Johnny Black to the podcast this week to friend it on up! They dive into science-based acapella (ew!), keeping kids away from crying to get things (yeesh!), maybe not being a dick to your girlfriend (jerk!). Discourage bad behavior. Encourage your significant other. Avoid acapella, probably. Be kind! Cheers! You can follow […]

Advice! With Dave & Kat: Episode the 65th!

Advice! is coming in hot for the 65th week. Holy cats! We’re so excited we’re dreaming up buddy cop movies and embracing nostalgia. This week Dave and Kat give advice on recognizing feelings, trusting your gut, and savoring benign vigilante justice. Say no when you mean it. Know who’s boss. Get yourself a sturdy girdle! […]