Advice! with Dave & Kat


Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 113th!

Advice! is coming at you with Dave & Kat kicking it old school, full-sentence style! Full-eyes, full-hearts, full-sentences, can’t lose! Advice on “Yunique” names, police reported friendships, and wanting multi-racial kids. Be thoughtful! Trust matters! Do things for the right reasons! CHEERS!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 110th!

It’s Episode the 110 coming at you with questions fresh off the presses from Dear Dharma! Dharma, Dave & Kat have teamed up again for even more questions, and you can read her responses to the same questions over at! So jump back in as Dave & Kat (and Dharma) answer questions on possible cheating, […]

Advice! with Friends: Episode the Talib!

Talib Babb sits in this week, and the advice flows freely. Dave, Kat, and Talib talk eBay strategy and the merits of underachievement, the challenges of eye contact, and when it’s too late to ask for help. Did Michael Jackson have friends? Put the phone down. Pay attention to the details. Cheers! Find and follow […]

Advice! with Friends: Episode the Jesse!

This week’s friend is none other than Jesse Thomas! Fueled by the kick of too many mules, Dave, Kat, and Jess keep up the blue streak before getting down to serious business. The trio give advice on bettering yourself, teaching aggression, and pro tips for staying warm. (Socks. Who knew?) Don’t start the fight – […]

Advice! with Friends: Episode the Ryan!

Advice! has friends! In this first episode, Dave and Kat welcome Ryan Schutt. The trio give advice on picking good music, getting along at home, and making new friends. Learn to shred early, not all Mormons look alike, don’t be afraid to bear your teeth. Cheers! Like what you hear? Follow Ryan on Twitter: @ryschutt. […]

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 18th!

Episode 18 is ready to rock! This week Dave and Kat tackle difficult questions about friendship and housesitting. Making friends is hard to do but so necessary. Sometimes friends throw shade at your job, shine your light anyway. And sometimes ‘friends’ bring things they shouldn’t to your house. Dear grifter friends, an honest day’s work is […]

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 12th!

Welcome back! This week, Kat drinks like a white lady at brunch and Dave’s love of raccoons nearly tears this podcast apart. The pair take on questions about navigating not-quite-friendships, why confidence is so darn appealing, and what to do when siblings get morbid. When in doubt, out creep the creep. Vodka: It’s what’s for […]