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Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 102nd!

It’s Episode the 102nd coming at you with questions fresh off the presses from Dear Dharma! You heard right, for the first time ever we’ve partnered with an advice blogger to answer questions in tandem, and you can read her responses to the same questions over at! So strap in as Dave & Kat (and […]

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 89th!

Dave & Kat are coming at ya and they’re not using the cheersiest of vessels! Episode the 89th finds our heroes awash in advice about searching for jobs, scary boyfriend senses of entitlement, and missing phone calls! Fix it up, ship him out, and eh, whatever! CHEERS!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 86th!

We over-corrected! Hi! It’s Episode the 86th, and it’s BALEMTIMES! This week, Dave & Kat tackle important(ish) relationship advice about showing intent, stanky breath, and terrible gifts. Strap in! It’s bound to be a funnin’. Clarify! Offer! Think! CHEERS!

Advice! with Dave & Kat: Episode the 71st!

Hey! It’s Episode the 71st with your pals Kat and the newly-coined Drinkin’ Dave (Dave hopes this will not last). We advise on how to handle with scams of all kinds, why you shouldn’t punish people no matter how much you want to, and dealing with defiant (older) subordinates. Ask questions! Punish no one! Be respectfully authoritative! […]